Revenue Cycle Management Services & Management/Operational Consulting for Medical Practices

HCMA, Inc. - founded over 20 years ago - has worked with 100’s of practices all over the country, and offers:

Practice Management, Operational, Financial Performance Consulting - A medical practice is a complex set of operations, and the rapid pace of change in healthcare makes it even harder to operate at maximum efficiency. HCMA, Inc. specializes in helping medical practices:

  • operate as efficiently, effectively and profitably as possible,
  • maximize their patient flow and productivity, and
  • manage their A/R properly.

Revenue Cycle Management Services - HCMA, Inc. has years of experience helping out clients management their RCM systems, either by taking over those services for them or by providing consulting services to analyze and improve their RCM.

On the outsourcing side of things, HCMA, Inc. has experience with Compulink Advantage and Nextech Practice+.