Revenue Cycle Management Services, Management/Operational Consulting, & Health Information Technology Consulting for Medical Practices

HCMA, Inc. - founded nearly 20 years ago - has worked with 100’s of practices all over the country, and offers:

Practice Management, Operational, Financial Performance Consulting - A medical practice is a complex set of operations, and the rapid pace of change in healthcare makes it even harder to operate at maximum efficiency. HCMA, Inc. specializes in helping medical practices:

  • operate as efficiently, effectively and profitably as possible,
  • maximize their patient flow and productivity, and
  • manage their A/R properly.

M.U. / I.T. Consulting - I.T. projects can be very frustrating and expensive, especially with the complex technologies available today, and the constantly changing details of the EHR/MU Program can drive your crazy! HCMA is uniquely qualified to help you:

  • help you to understand MU, meet the requirements, and respond to MU audits,

  • unravel the complexities of current I.T. solutions,

  • accurately determine what your practice needs,

  • help you select the software / hardware solutions that best meet your needs, and then

  • help to insure that the solutions are properly implemented so that you take full advantage of your investment.